Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Introducing PCAP Tagging

Up until this point, PacketTotal has functioned as a completely autonomous analysis engine. Meaning a capture is analyzed and results generated without any additional user-interaction. Strictly, relying on automatically generated analysis can result in users making false assumptions about the benignity of the traffic contained within. Our underlying IDSs won't catch everything, and there are often times that it makes sense for a user to be able to add additional information that was missed by analysis.

Enter tagging, which addresses this gap by allowing anyone to tag a missed insights in a capture.

Any user can add tags and references to an existing PCAP, which are periodically reviewed by the PacketTotal team to ensure efficacy. 

Tagged captures will contain a "Community Tags" tab. So next time you upload a PCAP be sure to add some helpful tags so other users can find it more easily.

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