Thursday, October 25, 2018

Capture Glyphs!

Captures Glyphs are a super high level representation of the traffic inside a PCAP. At a glance, you can determine roughly how many sessions occurred within the capture, how many of those sessions were TCP, UDP, or ICMP, and the rough duration.

Each unit, or square inside a Capture Glyph represents a TCP, UDP, or ICMP session. The pixel in the middle of each square represent the duration of that session. This glyph for example represents a PCAP that contains about 50% TCP traffic 50% UDP traffic. If we zoom in we can clearly see sessions that lasted over 60 seconds, and some that were very short as well.

We are incredibly excited about this update, as it provides a brand new (and kind of beautiful) way of visualizing packet captures. A glyph is automatically created when you upload a PCAP to If you have a cool glyph, be sure to tweet it at us!(@PacketTotal/@TheJaminBecker)

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