Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Malware Archive

As PacketTotal's database grows so do the challenges around categorizing that data. The main goals of 2018 were to improve the intelligence coming out of the tool and provide methods of increasing usage of the tool through improved search and community tagging. This meant providing the ability for users to tag packet captures, and re-designing the search-engine from scratch.

All of this work has positioned us well to start building out consulted intelligence views allowing us to group traffic, and understand malware trends over time.

Our first major release this year is the malware archive. The malware archive is the result of research done by the PacketTotal team and intelligence provided by the community. It is the first view that looks at data on PacketTotal at a holistic level, and we plan to create similar views to map out long term trends, and high-level metrics.

Initially, the malware view will be fairly bare-bones, containing some popular malware variants from notable categories. This list will be updated daily, and we always welcome community feedback if a listed entry is invalid.

Many exciting updates to come!